We have carefully selected amenities from within the Setouchi region for you. We hope that even after your journey ends, you will continue to feel a connection to Setouchi.

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Banshu Ori (Banshu Textile)

Banshu Ori, also known as Banshu Textile, has a history of approximately 300 years in the northern Harima region of Hyogo. This textile is woven using pre-dyed yarn and is recognized as one of Japan’s representative yarn-dyed textiles.

The strength of Banshu Ori lies in its beautiful colors, diverse and delicate designs, and the textile’s skin-friendly nature due to its yarn-dyeing process. It has been widely used by numerous fashion brands in Japan and overseas. The exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality texture of Banshu Ori have earned it significant acclaim.

The handkerchief provided on Yui Olivia is sourced from Kazahana Company in Nishiwaki. With 50 years of experience in the textile wholesale business and 10 years in retail, they have a keen focus on selecting fabrics that bring happiness to their customers. You will discover that their products are skin-friendly, exhibit excellent color and design, and can be used repeatedly after washing.

We hope you will enjoy the Yui Olivia original handkerchief, skillfully made by their talented sewers.

Kodera Herb Garden

Kodera Herb Garden Company was established 40 years ago in Himeji with the mission of “helping people with herbs.” Since then, they have collaborated with local farmers to provide fresh food and develop products aimed at addressing customers’ needs. They specialize in manufacturing and selling herbal skincare items, herbal essential oils, and herb teas. Additionally, they manage a farmer restaurant called ‘Shakankan,’ which was transformed from an old kindergarten. The restaurant offers a lunch buffet featuring locally harvested vegetables, providing visitors with a relaxing experience for both body and mind.

The herbal hand spray provided on Yui Olivia does not contain industrial alcohol derived from petroleum but instead uses vegetable-based alcohol (sugarcane). Local chamomile water is utilized instead of regular water. As a result, the spray helps to prevent dryness of the hands and has sterilizing properties. When sprayed inside a face mask, it provides a pleasant scent and moistens the skin with chamomile water.

The lip cream we offer is free from industrial materials and additives such as preservatives. It is safe even if accidentally ingested by a child. Made from jojoba oil, shea butter, beeswax, and herb extracts, this natural product provides twice the moisturizing power compared to regular lip creams.

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Aizome: Indigo Blue

The vibrant and deep shades of indigo have long been beloved in Japan for centuries.

Natural indigo is known for its resistance to sunlight and water washing. In fact, the color of indigo deepens as it is washed repeatedly. The scent that intensifies with aging is said to have insect-repellent properties, and indigo is known to have medicinal effects that protect the skin, making it highly suitable for clothing.

The Tokushima area has been renowned for its indigo-dyed textile production for 400 years. That’s why, on Yui Prima Olivia, we provide an indigo handkerchief from Nagao Orifu Company, established in 1897 in Tokushima City. This company produces various types of textiles and dyes them in-house. They offer a wide range of products, including kimonos, summer men’s jinbeis, scarves, and purses, all using locally sourced indigo dye.

Many foreign visitors not only purchase indigo-colored products but also enjoy the indigo-dyeing experience at the company!