Explore Off-the-Beaten-Path Japan with the Help of Local Experts!

We strongly believe that when you travel, you should enjoy not only the destination but also the Journey.
That’s why we strive to provide you with exceptional bus service that respects nature and offers a sustainable alternative to bullet trains.

Our luxury vehicle, Yui Prima Olivia, has the same dimensions as a normal bus but instead of the usual 45 seats, it only has 21 seats in a 2+1 configuration. This provides you with plenty of space to relax, enjoy the view out of the window, sip Japanese sake, and stretch your legs in the spacious seats!

In addition, our staff is mostly Japanese, which allows us to provide you with unique experiences in off-the-beaten-path Japanese locations that only locals know. Join us and create unforgettable memories in Setouchi!


Following the launch of our vehicle “YUI PRIMA” for the “Yui” service in October of 2016, we are excited to introduce our new initiative, “YUI PRIMA OLIVIA.” This sister vehicle is specifically designed for the “Setouchi Route,” aiming to showcase the captivating charms of the Setouchi area to foreign tourists visiting Japan and customers from the Tokyo metropolitan area.

We hope to introduce the beauty of the Setouchi region, Japan’s first national park, to people from all over the world.
Additionally, we aim to alleviate the issue of overtourism in the Tokyo metropolitan area and collaborate with transportation providers in the Setouchi region to stimulate the local economy by attracting visitors to various destinations in Setouchi. We plan to offer tours where enjoying the picturesque scenery of Setouchi, including transportation on OLIVIA, becomes an integral part of the experience.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support and patronage.

Shinki Bus Co., Ltd.
President and CEO, Makoto Nagao

Introduction of Yui Prima Olivia’s Designer

Eiji Mitooka
Founder of Don Design Associates Co., Ltd.
Industrial Designer, Illustrator, Producer

Eiji Mitooka is a Japanese designer specialized in various genres of design including architecture, railway vehicles, graphics, and products.
He founded Don Design Associates in 1972.
His designs for JR Kyushu’s station buildings and railway vehicles, in particular, have gained recognition beyond railway enthusiasts and have received numerous awards, including the Brunel Award, Blue Ribbon Award, Laurel Award, Japan Railway Award, Mainichi Design Award, and the Kikuchi Kan Literary Award.

A sustainable option

YUI PRIMA OLIVIA is implementing an initiative to offset CO2 emissions through J-Credits. A portion of the emission allowances is included in the travel fare, and a portion of the additional charge is dedicated to efforts in environmental preservation in the Setouchi region. We strive to promote environmental activities in collaboration with the local community.