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Course No.7000

Traditional Japan Setouchi Experience Luxury Bus Trip (COURSE A)

We will tour the beautiful Setouchi with its many islands on a special vehicle, “YUI PRIMA OLIVIA,” built for the Setouchi tour route. What makes this tour different from previous Mayui tours is that it does not use the expressways as much, and instead provides experiences and exposure to Japanese traditions and beauty. Both English and Japanese are available on the bus, making it a style that can be participated in by people of various nationalities. Please enjoy the Setouchi tour, which proposes a new style of travel.

Travel Tips

1.A comfortable space designed to relax
There are a total of 21 seats arranged in 7 rows, featuring both single and double independent seats, allowing you to relax even when traveling long distances. Furthermore, a “service corner,” reminiscent of a bar counter, is located at the rear of the vehicle. An attendant will be ready to serve drinks and light snacks, bringing them directly to your seat. The bus is also equipped with a toilet, ensuring a secure and comfortable environment. (Local Sake and specialty sweets from the Setouchi region are also provided on the bus.)
2.A Dedicated Attendant Accompaniment Throughout the Tour (English/Japanese Support)
Our dedicated attendants, serving as “travel concierges,” ensure not only safety but also a comfortable journey. They meticulously select delicious food from around Japan served on the bus, including exclusive sake from renowned breweries in Setouchi, available only during specific seasons. Our attendants will support you in making your trip more enjoyable and memorable.
3.Eco-Friendly Initiatives (Zero Carbon)
YUI PRIMA OLIVIA is committed to offsetting its CO2 emissions through J-Credit. A portion of the emission credits is included in the travel cost, with a segment of the additional funds dedicated to initiatives supporting environmental conservation in the Setouchi region. By allocating resources to local environmental efforts, we strive to collaboratively advance environmental activities with the community while contributing to the sustainability of the area.
Stay3 nights 4 days Kagawa prefecture, Ehime prefecture, Hiroshima prefecture
Fee280,000 yen-310,000 yen
Departure dateWe apologize for the inconvenience, but we currently do not have any available dates.

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Recommended points

Experience the first and second pilgrimage of the 88 Shikoku temples

You will wear a costume and actually try out chanting, candles, incense, and ofudas.
The difference from traditional tours is that we will carefully explain how to pray at the shrine.

Shiratori Shrine: A hidden spot where you can experience climbing the lowest mountain in Japan

Shiratori Shrine, located in Higashikagawa City, is surrounded by pine forests and has a magnificent main hall dedicated to Emperor Yamato Takeru as its main deity. The grounds are dotted with other attractions, including colorful windmills, the lowest “Miyayama” in Japan at 3.6 meters above sea level, and an 800-year-old camphor tree that has been selected as one of the “100 Fragrant Landscapes.”

The lowest mountain in Japan

We will climb the lowest mountain in Japan. After reaching the summit, we plan to provide a certificate of summit completion

The beautiful garden of Nakatsu Banshoen (Day 2)

Nakazu Banshoen is a beautiful Japanese garden.
The view from the bridge is magnificent, and it is a spot where you can experience the beauty of a Japanese garden.
The tour includes plenty of time to relax at Nakazu Banshoen, which has many sights to see, including a teahouse and torii gates.

Lunch at Nakatsu Banshoen (image/Day 2)

Nakatsu Banshoen’s Japanese-style basket set meal. A colorful and beautiful lunch perfect for the second day.

Kirosan mountain view (sunset/2nd day)

This is the view from Kiro Mountain Observatory, known as the highlight of the Seto Inland Sea.
If the weather is good, a spectacular view awaits you.

Experience the tides at Miyanokubo Ushima (Day 3)

On the third day, you will experience the tides from the boat while viewing Ushima Island, where the Murakami pirates were once active.
You can experience firsthand the pirate culture and history that dominated the seas.

Scenic spots in Setouchi (Day 3)

We have prepared some extraordinary scenery as a highlight of your trip. We will not disclose the location, so please enjoy it as part of your trip.

Enjoy the seafood of Oshima (Lunch on the 3rd day/image)

For lunch on the third day, you will enjoy a sushi kaiseki meal featuring seafood unique to Shimanami.
Enjoy the fresh bounty of Setouchi.

Island hopping on the Akinada Tobishima Kaido

As a highlight of the trip, we will board a ferry and travel to the beautiful Tobishima Island. Please enjoy the view from the window of OLIVIA.

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Travel Itinerary


    Duration of the Trip
    3 nights 4 days
    Included Meals
    Breakfast Lunch Dinner

    Various destinations → Hotel Anaga (Western-style lunch) → Ryozen-ji Temple (Shikoku 88 Temples Pilgrimage) → Experience a pilgrimage wearing traditional robes and take a 20-minute walk to Gokuraku-ji Temple → Shiratori Shrine (experience climbing Japan’s lowest mountain) → Stay at JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu or Clement Inn Takamatsu


    Included Meals
    Breakfast Lunch Dinner

    Departure from the hotel → Mogi Fan (Traditional Craft: Marugame Uchiwa Fan Making) → Japanese-style lunch at Nakatsu Banshoen Garden → Kotohira (Making Wasanbon, a type of Japanese sugar) → Oshima Kirosan Panoramic View (view of the sunset and the Kurushima Strait) → Stay at Imabari Kokusai Hotel


    Included Meals
    Breakfast Lunch Dinner

    Departure from the hotel → Murakami Kaizoku (Japanese Pirate) Museum → Cruising experience of the tides of Seto Inland Sea → Oshima-Miyabi (Lunch featuring sushi with local fish) → Take the ferry from Sohata Port to Okamura Port (via the beautiful Tobishima Kaido Bridge) → Stay at Aki Grand Hotel


    Included Meals
    Breakfast Lunch Dinner

    Departure from the hotel → View of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Genbaku Dome) from the bus window → Hiroshima Station → Shinkansen (Bullet Train) → Various destinations

Departure date/boarding route

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we currently do not have any available dates.■ Himeji (departure at 7:30) → Sannomiya (departure at 9:10)
■ drop-off point Himeji (arrival at 14:00)/ Shinkobe(arrival at 14:15)

*Please be aware that the return time is an estimate and may vary depending on traffic conditions along the way.

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