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Explore Awaji Island’s Traditions: Ningyoza Puppet Theater (Behind the Scenes) and the Oldest Shrine in Japan

Discover the traditional performing arts of Awaji Island that are not commonly seen on regular tours! On this tradition-focused day, you will have the opportunity to:
・Witness the Ningyoza puppets come alive in a performance where music, a fascinating story, and exceptional artistic skills come together. Not only will you enjoy the show, but you will also have the exclusive opportunity to explore the backstage of the theater and discover its hidden mechanisms!
・Attend at the Official Visit at Izanagi Jingu, the oldest Shinto shrine in Japan. You will have an opportunity to witness the sacred rituals as well as Kagura which is the dance for the God performed by a shrine maiden. Official Visit to a shrine is not normally featured in regular tours!

Travel Tips

1.A comfortable space designed to relax
There are a total of 21 seats arranged in 7 rows, featuring both single and double independent seats, allowing you to relax even when traveling long distances. Furthermore, a “service corner,” reminiscent of a bar counter, is located at the rear of the vehicle. An attendant will be ready to serve drinks (alcohol and non-alcohol) and light snacks for free, bringing them directly to your seat. The bus is also equipped with a toilet, ensuring a secure and comfortable environment. (Local Sake and specialty sweets from the Setouchi region are also provided on the bus.)
2.A Dedicated Attendant Accompaniment Throughout the Tour (English/Japanese Support)
Our dedicated attendants, serving as “travel concierges,” ensure not only safety but also a comfortable journey. They meticulously select delicious food from around Japan served on the bus, including exclusive sake from renowned breweries in Setouchi, available only during specific seasons. Our attendants will support you in making your trip more enjoyable and memorable.
3.Eco-Friendly Initiatives (Zero Carbon)
YUI PRIMA OLIVIA is committed to offsetting its CO2 emissions through J-Credit. A portion of the emission credits is included in the travel cost, with a segment of the additional funds dedicated to initiatives supporting environmental conservation in the Setouchi region. By allocating resources to local environmental efforts, we strive to collaboratively advance environmental activities with the community while contributing to the sustainability of the area.
One-Day TripAwaji Island (Hyogo Prefecture)
Fee48,000 yen
Departure dates
[Departure Confirmed = ◎]
July 29th ◎
August 5th, 19th
September 2nd
October 7th, 21st
November 11th, 25th
*All departures are on Mondays.

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”Travel around Japan on the most comfortable, high-class tourist bus.”

The spacious vehicle has 21 seats and is equipped with a toilet, and a dedicated attendant will bring drinks to your seat.

Ningyoza Awaji Puppet Theatre : Performance and Backstage Tour in a theatre with 500 years of History!

If you’re interested in Japanese tradition, you’ve probably heard of Noh Theatre, but are you familiar with a traditional performance where the main characters are extremely detailed puppets? This art form is called “Ningyo Joruri” (or Puppet Theatre in English) and consists of three main elements: puppetry, storytelling, and music.

While the storyteller sings the songs and dialogues, three people dressed in all black manipulate the intricate doll, making it stand brightly on the stage as if it were moving on its own! Not only the body, but also the small details of the face, fingers, and feet, everything is moved with extreme skill to recreate the deepest emotions, making the doll seem truly alive.

One of the oldest forms of puppet theatre in Japan is The Awaji Ningyoza, which has a history of over 500 years. Here you will have the unique chance to explore the backstage of the theatre and discover all its hidden mechanisms!
Get ready to experience the magic of this secret world!

The Oldest Shrine in Japan: Izanagi Jingu Official Visit to the Shrine & Kagura (Miko Ritual Dance)!

Izanagi Jingu is the shrine that worships two deities, Izanagi-no-Mikoto and Izanami-no-Mikoto, who are said to be the first couple of Gods and played an important role in the creation myth, giving birth to the islands of Japan and many other gods!
According to the myth, these two gods were born in a chaotic and muddy world. They used a spear called “Ame-no-nuboko” to stir the muddy water and create the land of Japan. Then, when they lifted the spear up into the air, a droplet fell down accidentally, forming the first island in Japan, Awaji! They continued to create many islands and formed Japan’s archipelago. This Shrine was mentioned in “Kojiki” and “Nihon-Shoki,” the oldest Japanese historical books. Therefore, it is thought to be the oldest shrine in Japan.

Official Visit to the Shrine!

Upon arrival at Izanagi Jingu, you will walk around the shrine accompanied by a local guide for approximately 60 minutes. Following this, you will proceed to the Worshipping Hall for the Official Visit lasting around 30 minutes. The visit includes purification rituals and recitation of prayers by a priest, and followed by ‘Kagura’, sacred dance for the God performed by a Shrine maiden, and the offerings to the God by a representative of the tour at the end.

Lunch at Anaga Hotel

Eat lunch enjoying the beautiful scenery of Setouchi Sea!

Lunch at Anaga Hotel

This photo is just an image. Please be aware that the menu changes based on the season.

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Travel Itinerary

  • Day trip

    Duration of the Trip
    One-day trip
    Awaji Island (Hyogo Prefecture)
    Included Meals
    Breakfast Lunch Dinner

    ① Departure from Shin-Kobe Station (8:15)
    ② Izanagi Jingu (Special visit and Shinto rituals)
    ③ Hotel Anaga (Lunch)
    ④ Shopping and relax time at Uzu no Oka (panoramic point)
    ⑤ Awaji Ningyoza Theatre (Performance and Backstage visit)
    ⑥ Shin-Kobe Station (Arrival around 17:30)

Departure date/boarding route

July 29th
August 5th, 19th
September 2nd
October 7th, 21st
November 11th, 25th
■ All tours depart from Shin-Kobe Station (8:15/17:30)
■ All tours depart on Mondays
■ For those who come by Shinkansen:
Kyoto 7:20 dep. → Shin-Osaka 7:34 dep. → Shin-Kobe 7:46 arr.

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