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New dedicated Vehicles Add Colour to Your Setouchi Travel Experience
"YUI PRIMA OLIVIA" Began their Operation.

Our new Yui Prima vehicles, ”Yui Prima Olivia”, began operation in April 2024.
These buses will be used exclusively for tours around the Seto Inland Sea, conveying the charm of this area to people in Japan and overseas.
The Setouchi area has more than 700 islands, extending about 450 km from east to west.
It is known as "the beauty of many islands" for its scenic view, and was recognized as the first national park in Japan in 1934.
It is home to two World Heritage sites such as Himeji Castle and Itsukushima Shrine.
The abundance of marine and agricultural products, coupled with a mild climate, makes the area dotted with many very attractive tourist spots.
The new Setouchi excursion will connect these attractions to provide a "relaxed" and "comfortable" tour of the Seto Inland Sea region!
Yui Prima Olivia vehicles were designed by a famous industrial designer, Eiji Mitooka, and became a new member of the Yui family this spring.
We are pleased to announce the launch of tours with "YUI PRIMA OLIVIA".